What Can Blogging Do For Your Practice? Some Empirical Data

Very interesting post from our friends over at Hubspot explaining what blogging can do for your business. I am an analytical person and always enjoy some empirical data to back up an argument. All too often, I think that blogging is pushed onto the legal community as something that needs to be done, but lawyers without a lot of online marketing experience don’t understand why.

Here are some numbers from Hubspot’s study to convince you why your firm needs to be actively involved with blogging:

A study of 2,300 HubSpot customers revealed that businesses that blog witness their monthly leads rise by 126% more than those who don’t.

We compared leads last month with leads two months ago for 6 consecutive months, and the result shows that blogging businesses, whether or not they use the HubSpot platform, experience a 165% lead growth, a much larger increase than that of non-blogging businesses, which experience a 73% lead growth.

The more contacts and leads your site generates, the more clients you will retain, and the more revenue your online presence will generate for you.

Hubspot admits that factors such as a clean landing page, strong keywords, and active presence on social media sites all influence lead generation and conversion rates. However, the fact still remains that blogging is an extremely effective way to market your practice and grow your firm’s client base.

Other Added Benefits of Blogging:

  • Blogging helps build your reputation as a thought leader in your practice area
  • Frequent blogging helps to grow your footprint on the web, creating more outlets where potential clients can find you
  • It creates a forum where potential clients, professional contacts, etc. can interact with you (this is crucial for converting traffic to your site into contacts and leads)
  • It attracts links from other sites, increasing the authority and importance of your own blog in the eyes of search engines
  • It provides you with new content to share and publicize through social media outlets

Only having a static website for your law firm isn’t going to cut it anymore. It is important that you have a web presence that is dynamic, growing, and evolving. A blog is one of the best ways to achieve this.

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