Integrated Legal Marketing

(image credit: Rand Fishkin Why SEO That Used to Work, Fails) “I absolutely believe the real integration opportunity, and way [for] most small business owners to blow their competition out of the water, is the intentional blending of online and offline tools and tactics around a single marketing strategy.” – John Jantsch (as cited by […]

Are You Winning Potential Client Micro-Moments?

When people need to find a lawyer, they typically start their search by asking people they know and trust. This isn’t new. However, how they ask people they know and trust is changing a lot. Remember writing letters? Remember party lines? Remember email? For better and worse, legal services consumer behavior has changed. More and […]

Are Online Reviews Killing Your Return on Ad Spend?

There’s an attorney here in Chicago who spends money on television advertising. However, when you search on this attorney’s name in Google, you get the above review summary from the firm’s Google My Business page. That same search also turns up other review sites that contain reviews like: Some lawyers might not find this surprising. […]

Law Firm Websites & Doorway Pages

Have you been creating pages on your law firm website that don’t offer clear, unique value? If so, you might be vulnerable to a new Google ranking change intended to target doorway pages. With the web going nutty over the announcement of the mobile-friendly update, less attention has been paid to another update. On March […]

How to Do Your Own SEO & Why You Probably Shouldn’t

Lawyers know that pro se litigants have fools for clients. However, when it comes to pro se web marketing, well, that’s a different story. Over at SearchEngineLand, Andrew Shotland walks through a great example of a client who lost search visibility due to site redesign: I was prompted to write this because we recently took […]